The Leasing Process-Landlord



  • Leasing Appraisal
  • Appoint Leasing Agent / Property Manager
  • Sign a Management Agreement (Before or After Tenant is Acquired)
  • Occassionally Owners appoint several agents with hope to achieve a faster result, however it is in the Landlord’s best interest to remain with the one agent. The reason being that this will allow the exclusive agent to exercise all their professional power to screen prospective tenants and select the most stuiable applicant  in due course. In the scenario where there are several agents (external variables come in play), it becomes a race to fill the vacant property and in a minority of instances, the foundations of being a neat, clean, tidy and reliable tenant are forgotten and this may lead to future dramas.

    • Marketing Campaign
    • Inspections
    • Agent Screens Applicants
    • Presentation of Applications to the Owner
    • Landlord Confirms Acceptance
    • Holding Deposit is Obtained (Agent)
    • Preparation of Lease (Agent)
    • Signing of Lease and Collection of Bond & Money (Agent)
    • Condtion Report Prepared
    • Handover of Keys to Tenant

    If you would like to enquire about our Management Services, Please do not hesitate to contact us a detailed schedule. For a minute percentage of your rental income, you effectively employ a Full Time Property Manager to attend to all your Tenant’s Requests before reporting events to you. 

    Our services include everything from the Marketing Campaign, Tenant Screening, Reference Checks, Lease Preparation, Rent Collection, Annual Tax Summarys, Monthly Transfers w/Statements, Utility Management, Ingoing and Outgoing Reports, Routine Inspections, Rent Revisions, Repair and Maintenance and More. Speak to an Agent About Leasing Your Property Today!

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