Andrew Kien An Chau

Andrew Kien An Chau

Senior Partner [LREA]

0424 895 600

9804 0200

Andrew’s professional manner, strong work ethics and personalized customer service has earned him a reputation for consistently achieving exceptional results in the real-estate industry. With over 20 years of Retail Managerial experience, Andrew is known for his diligence, reliability and efficiency. He provides his clients prompt, honest, reliable advice and always develops and delivers marketing campaigns that stand out above the rest.

“Dedicated, Efficient & Effective”

He is an agent who begs to differ and believes in a High Level of Customer Service that does not finish when the transaction is finalized or when the keys are handed over. Receiving compliments for his working aptitude and referrals from clients/tenants are his motivational drive behind serving the community.

“Warm, Friendly & Easily Approachable"

His dedication and passion for Helping People in general is undeniable. He is attentive, listens to his client’s needs and always exercises his excellent communication skills with everyone he deals with. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord or vendor and regardless if the subject item is $1 or 1 Million dollars, you can be rest assured his Objectives & his GOLD CLASS SERVICE with a SMILE will remain the same. Importantly, Andrew adheres to a concept of treating others the way he wishes to be treated and consistently performs an understanding of “being in the other person’s shoes”. He has experienced several Horrific Transactions from his own buying and selling ventures previously and promises to never follow in the other Agent’s shoes yet use them as examples of “What to Never Become!”.

“Customer Service Above Your Expectations – Guaranteed!”

Andrew derives from a Vietnamese background and is competent in English, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Mandarin. His family continuously complains that he is forever bringing work home and constantly answering calls be it 6am or 11pm, 7 days a week.

With that said, Please Feel Free to contact Andrew for PROMPT, FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL Advice as he will be more than delighted to assist you with any of your real estate matters.



Hi Andrew,
I'm sorry to inform you that due to personal reasons, I have to terminate the lease.
Thank you very much for your help before, you are the best agent I have met so far. But my fiancee and I really can't afford a two-bedroom apartment.

- Bingli


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